The plaque is responsible for periodontal disease.

In adults, the disease of the bone and gums are the main  cause of tooth loss.

Today you can treat it and  above all you can prevent the disease . The prevention is represented by daily removal of plaque from the patient and from  periodic professional session, in the dental office  , for taking off  tartar . Accurate sessions of oral hygiene are very important.

In the case of existing disease there are some treatment for neutralizing the effects. In this case, the correct diagnosis is crucial to select the most appropriate therapy . The diagnosis is based on periodontal probing and radiographic examination of the teeth.

It is not always necessary to undergo surgery : in cases of early disease sessions root planing ( curettage ) can solve the problem.

In more complex cases it is necessary  to do surgery on the gums.With special techniques and with the use of synthetic bone and therapeutic collagen membranes of protection , in certain cases , it is possible to recreate the lost bone .

Often in the acute stages of periodontal disease should be administered targeted antibiotics  to reduce the bacterial infection .

Sometimes the treatments of the gums are necessary for aesthetic problems : teeth or too long or too short , too exposed gums when smiling . (click here)

Today misleading advertising   offer laser technology as replacement therapy to standard surgical techniques . There is no valid scientific evidence to support this theory . For more information you can view a document of the American Society of Periodontology (click here).