Children aged 3-4 should be checked.

denti bambino, cildren primary teeth

carie bambino, cildren tooth decay If a child loses a baby tooth prematurely there may be loss of space and movement of the other baby teeth that can hamper the proper eruption of permanent teeth. The dentist may recommend an orthodontic visit for  children in pre-puberal age.
It’s very important to evaluate the position of the permanent teeth , which will remain also into adulthood , soon after their eruption because malposition should be solved before the pre-puberal age . During this period with orthodontics you can change not only the relationship between the teeth , but also act on incorrect growth of the jaw and the maxilla without the need to intervene later with maxillofacial surgical therapies . If the bone bases do not grow properly dental facial aesthetics will be compromised.
An other vital point is that parents have to supervise their children’s diet: no honey, one of the most common food to cause decay ! Try to minimize food rich in sugar .

We must teach children to brush their teeth properly after every meal,

in order to maintain this habit when they are adults .

sigillatura premolariNumerous studies have shown that the molars and premolars of children and adolescents are more prone to decay on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth than adults. The sulcus that teeth have on the occlusal surface represent an area where plaque is deposited easily favouring bacterial growth.

Bacteria is responsible for demineralization of tooth enamel and consequent decay. Decay in children and adolescents progress quite quickly and can reach the nerve, damaging it irreversibly.  Sealant is a lacquer which is used to close the sulcus present on the occlusal surface of the premolars and molars.
It is composed of the same basic product with which damaged teeth are reconstructed today.